Smart Speakers can be a Parents Assistant!

In response to parents’ criticism of smart speakers allowing kids to be rude both companies have introduced politeness features encouraging kids to use their manners with Alexa and Google Assistant interactions. Parents can also disable direct transactions or enable security features to stop kids from making purchases. But that is not the only ways they can help parents. Here are the top five perks:

  • Tell a Fun Story- Kids can be entertained for more than a half hour. When the smart speakers is asked to tell the kids a story.  
  • Set Helpful Timers and Reminders-Time-outs can be well timed-out. Likewise timers for screen time, homework sessions or to set reminders for when to pick your child up at various times in the week due to their after school clubs!  
  • Answer the series of never ending weird questions. Our parents used to tell us to check the encyclopedia…Rather outdated info would follow if we were lucky. Well not anymore.
  • Play games. Yep the smart speaker has the ability to play interactive games with your child. From Mickey Mouse adventures to trivia games too.
  • The best for last perhaps but they can also settle disputes. Alexa has “Kids Court” where she hears the arguments etc. While Google has a coin toss or digital dice roll.
Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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