What do your doodles mean?

When you doodle what does it mean? We have meetings every now and then and when I sit next to Nikki, who works here, and I noticed she often doodles flowers. Turns out that is a good thing. It is supposed to signal friendship! However, stars indicate impatience while triangles mean you're VERY ambitious. If you are doodling houses that suggest you're family orientated.

FLOWERS: Your friends and relationships are important to you - you're loyal and faithful.

STARS: You have ambition in spades - you're enthusiastic, optimistic, but sometimes impatient.

FACES: You are interested in people and personalities - a people's person.

CUBES (3D OBJECTS/FORMS): You are a clever thinker, can see the big picture and other people's points of view.

HOUSES: You are family-orientated and enjoy stability in life.

CIRCLES/ROUND SHAPES: You want to love and be loved - and want to avoid conflict and promote harmony.

TRIANGLES: You are dynamic, powerful and ambitious - and will stop at nothing to achieve your goals and dreams.

SQUARES: You like to be in control, are good at problem solving and organization - but need to see tangible results for your efforts.

WAVY/WIGGLY LINES: You are adaptable and a rapid thinker, but can be evasive and indecisive.

ZIGZAGS: You are strong-minded, like to get on with things and have a daring personality

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