6 Things to Leave Off your Resume!

1. Your photo…Unless you’re into acting, modeling or other job that requires a headshot, your picture shouldn’t be on your resume. It relates to the possibility of making biased decisions that potential employers do not want to deal with at all.

2. Dates that could give away your age…Discrimination based on age is illegal, however Ageism happens…Of course with a name like Margie I always wonder if the bias isn’t there from the get go.

3. Details about college…Surprising but this is why: Acknowledge that you graduated from a college with a particular degree, absolutely. But focusing too much on your college achievements can make you appear junior level.

4. ‘References available upon request’… It’s standard for references to be required during the hiring process, so recruiters already expect that you have them. That statement is unnecessary. Either put references on your resume or leave them off.

5. Meaningless buzzwords…Buzzwords have been over used. “Team player,” “outside-the-box thinker,” “self-motivated,” “go-getter,” “hardworking” and “detail oriented.” Think how underwhelmed you feel when you see those words on a job posting.

6. Ridiculous or inappropriate email address…Sure you were cool when you landed LSUFreakGurl @ whatever. Keep it for your personal use but find something professional for your business life.

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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