A quick guide to the Top 2018 Office Lingo

You’re great at what you do but sometimes at work it’s as though your co-workers are speaking another language. 

Take “Onboarding” it has nothing to do with getting on a plane. It is the process by which new employees are brought into the company. OOO or RFP stand for Out Of Office and Request For a Quote. I personally HATE when people use initials. I spend so much time trying to figure out if I know anybody by those initials. Oscar Orlando???

Here is a brief guide to 2018 Office Lingo:

OKR=objectives and key results. RFI=request for information. RFP= request for a project or proposal. 

Let's Action This=(Your boss has language issues and should be tested...um, kidding) this means your idea has been approved and you’ve gotten the go-ahead to proceed with it.

Circle Back=Your boss would like a progress report. Otherwise known by its less catchy but still accurate term: "update".

Pinging= A ping is a quick alert generally sent by text, Slack or Gchat.

Bumping=Nagging...er, rather re-sending an email to ensure it is at the top of the inbox.

Pain Points=Your boss...hahaha sort of kidding. Pain points are areas of your job or task that could be made easier and more effective if it weren't for a "pain point." The task can still be done without the fix but should the opportunity arise to improve the situation you would be appreciative. 

If you have some office lingo, you would like me to add or get to the bottom of, let me know.

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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