Cell phones could cause teen memory loss?

Cell phones apparently affect our ability to make sense of objects, patterns and shapes.

 They also are finding the acts of sending text messages, playing mobile games, and browsing the internet may also have negative effects, although not as noticeable. Let’s face it they haven’t been around that long so knowing their long-term affects is hard to pin down.

Cell phones transmit information using low frequency radio signals, which may expose us to unhealthy radiation, especially when streaming or downloading large files.

Research has not been able to prove definitively that cell phone radiation is dangerous, but there have been enough studies linking the two to warrant caution, especially for children.

Here are some simple way to reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to:  

- Use your cell phone on speakerphone or use a headset to avoid close contact with your ears and head.

- Headsets also release a small amount of radiation, so only wear them when you're on a call.

- Use text messages instead of talking on the phone when possible.

- Do not carry your cell phone in your pocket, bar or on your belt. Keep it in a bag, backpack or briefcase.

- Sleep with your phone several feet from the bed, not in the bed or on a nearby nightstand.

- Keep your phone off or on airplane mode when it is not in use.

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