5 Diet Mistakes Making it Impossible to Lose LBS

Can’t lose weight? There are 5 mistakes you may be making.

  • Picked the wrong diet. We have different things that trigger our bad eating habits so one diet vs. another may not fit all. Don’t go for the trend, instead look for what is healthy and works for you.
  • Switching too fast. Expecting results right away from a diet that is meant to last for the rest of your life is too much. Those diets that promise you’ll lose a dress size a week are not sustainable and you’ll end up gaining more than what you started with when you fall off the diet.
  • Not moving enough. Jogging doesn’t work for you? Try something different. There are videos, gum memberships, and any number of ways you can get active. The important thing is to break a sweat, raise your pulse a bit, and get your breathing a bit heavy for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Getting Diet fatigue. As we age our bodies metabolism slows down too. So just eating what we normally do can cause weight gain. Need to start shrinking the portion sizes just to stay the same.
  • Mixing up your diets. Skimming off the best of every diet doesn’t actually add up. Clean eating for breakfast then switching to Paleo for lunch and then fasting at dinner so you can get the Mediterranean glass of wine doesn’t give your body the balance it needs. However you can do one style for a week and then alternate with another diet for the next week. Keeping a journal of your food, exercise and mood can be an incredibly successful tool.
Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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