What food cravings really require for our bodies

What our food cravings are trying to tell us our body needs 

Why is it that our cravings are the very thing that can derail our healthy eating routine? Well it’s because they are misinterpreted messages from the body as to what it really wants. 

Craving chocolate indicates a cry for magnesium. Eating colorful fresh fruit, nuts or seeds instead can appropriately feed that craving. 

Bread is nitrogen deficiency try snacking on high protein foods such as red meat, eggs, cottage cheese and yellow fin tuna.

Sweets like cookies could mean you need carbon, chromium, phosphorous and sulfur. Achieve this by eating raw nuts, seeds, legumes and plenty of fresh fruit.

If alcohol is a craving that could mean you need to seriously up your intake of protein, calcium, glutamine and potassium. 

* Nitrogen - eat foods high in protein, 

* Calcium - eat mustard, turnip greens, leafy greens, cheese and sesame.

* Protein - eat meat, poultry, seafood and raw nuts.

* NaCl- sea salt and apple cider vinegar.

* Iron - eat seaweed, meat, greens and black cherries. 

* Chromium - eat raw nuts, seeds, fruit and legumes.

* Carbon - eat fresh fruit.

 * Sulfur - eat cranberries, egg yolks, horseradish sauce, leafy greens, garlic and onion.

* Phosphorous - eat fish, eggs, dairy products and nuts.

* Tryptophan - eat cheese, lamb, raisins, sweet potato and spinach.

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