Your grouchy teenager is losing brain matter!

Experts say the transition into adulthood is like being in a constant state of jet lag. They need rest and without it they are cranky. However, as their hormones are firing at weird times they often can't sleep at night. 

A neuroscientist has weighed in on what is going on with our grouchy teenagers. Grouchy teenagers are the result of their brains losing a lot of grey matter as they mature into adulthood. They shoot off hormones of every type as well. Moodiness and sleepiness are the normal side effects of this happening in a teen’s brain. Their hormones are on overdrive in this phase of their life and they are in essence experiencing ‘jet lag’ all the time. They often can't sleep when they are supposed to because of it. 

It’s recommend we don’t focus as much on having them change their mood ("Stop being so cranky!" is not the right thing to say at this time.) We should instead use this period to encourage self-control and look for ways to focus their passion into creative or physical outlets.  Encourage crafts, working with their hands, or exercise. It will channel their pent-up energy in to something useful and may help them get back on a sleep schedule. 

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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