Cleaning Make-Up Brushes the Easy Way!

Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of our routines but let’s face it, it is usually at the bottom of our “to do” list and gets frequently forgotten or avoided. 

One make-up enthusiast has come up with a relatively simple way to keep her brushes clean. First she pre-soaks them in a soapy solution (shampoo and water works) then she puts them in a pillowcase, ties it shut and wash them with some towels on a warm/delicate/no spin cycle. She says they “come out spotless” and she, “hasn't had one fall apart yet.'

Not feeling comfortable with that cleaning technique? Here is a gentler way: Dip the bristles into a bit of olive oil and then swipe the brush (pressing gently) on a soft towel several times until you feel like it's mostly clean. After that pour some gentle shampoo and a bit of warm water into a bowl and clean the bristles while mixing it all up. Following that dip the brushes into vinegar as it makes sure all of the oil is out of the brush, finally rinse them under water and leave out to dry.

(Margie's note: If you went a really long time between cleanings {ah-hem, like me} Try soaking your brushes in a shallow mixture of shampoo and olive oil for a few hours first. Then dab, shampoo, vinegar, and rinse. I will caution my brush lost some bristles because my soaking solution was a bit deep. However, considering how long it had been since I cleaned them, it wasn't that bad.) 

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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