There are a number of reasons we crave certain food or drink but, often, it is the most basic and very serious situation of being deficient in a certain type of nutrient. However, figuring out what the natural source is for that nutrient is a bit confusing. It’s because our diets have become so varied and layered that the memory for the best sources is a bit cloudy. Here are a few possibilities:


Craving salty foods: If it’s a sweet and salty craving you are most likely not appropriately hydrated. But the salty alone craving could also be best quenched with vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits.

Craving carbohydrates: It might be you need vitamin B6. Try finding it in turkey, salmon, chicken, sunflower seeds etc. The side benefit is that they increase your serotonin levels and that helps alleviate the blues.

Craving chocolate: Sorry to say leafy green vegetables is what you need instead. Low magnesium levels could be what your body is in need of it and you’ll get wat more with the green stuff than the chocolate. At least try perhaps a leafy green smoothie first, wait 20 minutes, and then have the chocolate if you are still craving it.

Craving red wine—Random, sure, but it could also be an indication that you are not getting enough protein and your calcium may be low too.  

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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