Make Cooking a Joy

In South Louisiana, for the most part, cooking is a beloved art form. However, there are still those of us who find it a chore. For that part of t he population, guess what? We have been looking at cooking all the wrong way and are missing out on its benefits.

Reasons why cooking is beneficial:

1. It's an altruistic act--Cooking is caring for others and doing that makes you feel better about your self.

2. It creates bonds--There is a sense of closeness when you put care into the food you are preparing for others. As it is nurturing another it is also strengthening primal bonds. Even cooking on your own can make you feel connect to a community or heritage based on the food you are preparing.

3. A form of self care--It can help raise self-esteem and confidence when you are capable of making good nourishing food for yourself.

4. Mindfulness--There is a ton of evidence that mindfulness is good for our mental health. Because cooking requires focusing on the moment it can be extremely therapeutic.

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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