Top 3 Things to Do to Fight Depression

Top 3 things you can do to fight depression

  • EXERCISE: From yoga to spin classes at the gym or simply taking the dogs on a long walk. The key is being consistent. Do anything that takes you out of the house, connects you to your body and gets your heart pumping. Anything that makes you want to take a fuller and deeper breath.
  • COMPASSION: A lot of what keeps an emotion around enough to become a state of depression is our mind dwelling on the situation. Easy enough for someone else to say “don’t think about it” but, much harder to practice that one step. That is why actively volunteering is so important. It creates a much stronger distraction for your brain when anyone else (even animals) are in need of help. There is also a strong uplifting reward when you have spent a few hours sorting cans at the food bank. It helps break the pattern your brain is stuck on.
  • REACH OUT: Don’t assume that the problem will go away by itself. When we attempt to fight depression on our own and do not find enough success it can deepen the cycle. Reach out and ask for help. As this is  something we have only recently started speaking out about you may be surprised by how many of us have had problems with dealing with depression. While not everyone you speak out to may be of direct help they may be just the encouragement you need to keep seeking the proper help.  

Click here for a link to depression treatment centers in the Baton Rouge area

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