Signs of Heatstroke in our Dogs

Signs of heatstroke in our Dogs

Heatstroke doesn’t just occur with humans. It can happen very quickly and be quite deadly with our pets. It starts with rapid breathing, lack of energy and decreased urine production. It then can quickly escalate to heavy panting, bulging eyes, and their tongue may appear excessively long and dark red. Collapse (leading to seizures or coma) and vomiting and/or diarrhea can follow.

Cooling your dog and getting them to a vet ASAP is key. However how you cool the dog is important. DO NOT USE ICE OR VERY COLD WATER. It can cause blood vessels to constrict and reduce the effectiveness of cooling. It may also cause shivering which can then generate more heat from the muscles.

Key areas to cool

USE LUKEWARM WATER or water soaked towels around the neck, abdomen and inner thighs. DO NOT OVER COOL your dog, as this can lead to shock – a lack of blood supply to vital organs – so using lukewarm water is important.

First get them out of the sun on a cool surface. Shade, air conditioning in cars, and fans can also aid cooling. Even if the dog is cooled, veterinary treatment is still needed for more targeted treatment and monitoring.

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