4 Things to Tell Yourself During Turbulence

 Vacation plans include a plane ride? That alone can add some extra unnecessary stress.  Here are a few things to remind yourself of when turbulence occurs during the flight. 

1. Are the flight attendants panicking? Odds are they are not because they fly all the time. They know when turbulence feels normal versus when it’s time to take precaution.

2. How is your car ride when going through a construction zone? What about potholes and the basic center line markers you drive over when changing lanes. They make for a bumpy ride but do they cause you to break into a sweat?  

3. When you boarded the plane was there a teenager in the cockpit? Keep in mind that more than likely you are by far a more dangerous driver than the highly train professional flying the plane. Your stress may solely be due to your own desire to be in control. Just because you are not in control that doesn’t mean the highly trained professionals at the head of the plane are not in control.

Last but certainly not least…

4. Planes do not fall out of the sky because of turbulence… They just don’t.

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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