Best Ways to Get and Stay on Budget

No, we don't all have the same income likewise we don't all have the same expenses either. What follows is the basics in budgeting. Where you go with it will be under your control and that alone adds up to something wonderful! 

First the rule of 50/20/30: 50% of your income should could toward essentials like housing, utilities, and food. 20% of your income should go toward savings, debt payment, and investments like a 401k. 30% of your take home pay is yours to spend as you please. (Many prefer that 10% of this goes to their faith or charity with the remaining 20% being spent on enjoyment.) Keep in mind that money spent as you please includes: internet services, cell phones, clothes, travel, dinners out, movies etc.

Keep track of your 20% savings. Let the numbers inspire you to save more.

Set long term goals: Once you have saved enough you are going to________...Go take a month off and climb a mountain? Get a motivator in your future.

Shop to save in every way: Don’t stop looking for deals when it comes to clothes or travel plans. Look to switch car and home insurance as well as shampoos and cereal. It all adds up!

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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