5 Tips on Getting a Better Night's Sleep

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As a person who suffered horribly from sleeping problems I have made it sort of my own case study on how to fall asleep faster and stay that way. Here are a few of my favorite tips: 

  • Waking around the same time every night? --Change your thermostat by one degree. Doesn’t matter if you raise or lower it. What is important is that you will be changing the usual time the AC/Heater clicks on or off. That simple click could be what is waking you if it is happening when you are in a lighter sleep mode.
  • Fall asleep faster— If you sleep alone or your spouse isn’t up for sleeping back-to-back try sleeping on your side with a small pillow at the small of your back. Keeping a draft off that area of your back can be most comforting. Meanwhile, your upper back is still free to get air should you need to cool down.
  • Eat to sleep—Eating too close to bed time is not a good thing. Should have at least a two hour gap. What you eat is also important. Sugary foods will lead to more middle of the night trips to the bathroom. Garlic rich foods, like humus, can give you a super sound night’s sleep. (Of course it’s best if your spouse eats it too or your breath at night may not please them.)
  • Read Less—Reading can be an excellent way to help you fall asleep but sometimes the book can be too interesting. Hold the book higher than your line of sight. Looking up at a book will tire your eyes out faster.
  • New spouse?—Not used to sharing a bed maybe keeping at least one of you awake. Try switching sides of the bed. In our sleep we all tend to roll one way over the other. If you are both rolling to the center that occasional collision can be unnerving. Try switching sides.

BONUS: As I said my sleep issues used to be pretty bad so I have even gone as far as to buy a white noise machine (like the ones they make for babies) and it does wonders. On vacation I also put a small hand towel over my eyes as to keep the room as dark as possible (including when my husband or kids need to turn on the bathroom light.)  

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