Refinish a table for just a few bucks!

Garage sale find table goes from textured brown with black to shabby chic dusty blue with black accents easy!

This is a "must do in a well ventilated area" job. I did mine in the garage with the door open and both cars out as not to get paint on them! Under the shade of a tree would work to but you risk leaves dropping in your wet paint.    

1. SANDING: Used a power sander to take down the textured paint. That took a bit. Then I passed the sander over the flat black paint just to take its shine off and allow new paint to adhere to it. You can do this by hand and if your garage sale find doesn't have textured paint on it, it shouldn't take that long. Wipe it clean before painting.

2. TAPE: I liked the black X's in the sides so I carefully covered those with painter's tape. 

3. PAINT: I happened across my paint color in the "mistake paint" section. They are in nearly every store that sells paint. As it happened my ideal color was already in a satin finish. If I had my choice (read: willing to spend the money) it would have been in a hi-gloss. The gloss makes it more durable for cleaning later. 

Another option: DIY Chalk Paint (do this outside and wear a mask)--Mix 1/3 cup of plaster of Paris and 1/3 cup of cool water; stir until completely smooth. Mix that with 1 cup of latex paint and stir thoroughly. 

Let dry and hour or two...

4. SAND: Easiest if you have those sanding blocks...or wrap sand paper around a block of wood. A Then rubdown all the edges of the table and legs. Then tip the sanding block on its edge and sand in straight lines, going in the same direction, to create a worn look streaks. The original color below should be allowed to show through. Once you reach your desired effect, wipe clean. NOTE: I regret not doing more of this...if you do too much you can always repaint so feel free to be more aggressive than I was on this one.

5. FINISH: I wanted an even glossier look than I achieved so some day I may go back and apply more gloss finishing paint. However, the look I got was with two cans of gloss finishing spray. Valspar has a quick dry no drip version that was easy to use. Whatever gloss you get remember: thin even layers, allow to dry, sand lightly, and reapply...Did that about 5-6 times. But that was the beauty of the Valspar was that it dried in 5 minutes.

6. AIR OUT: Gloss paint stinks. Leave your beautiful table in the garage for a night to take the edge off it. :) 

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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