Top 10 Emergency Things to Keep In Your Car

1. Cell Phone Charger Adapter While using your phone when drivin is not a good idea; it is a no brainer that having a working phone in your car when a crisis happens can make a big difference. However, it never seems to fail, the moments you need your phone most seem to be when their battery is at it's weakest! 

2. First Aid Kit $20.95

A first aid kit, complete with gloves, bandages, scissors, and antiseptic can be purchased from the American Red Cross.

3. Jumper Cables (less that $10 at most places)

Fear of using these almost made me leave them out of my car but, as luck would have it, when I needed them the gentleman who offered to help me knew how to use them, he did not have any so it was a good thing I had them. After that I had my husband teach me how to use them! 

4 & 5. Jack and Lug Wrench 

Your car probably has these in them with the next item too. Louisiana is fortunate to have many a folks that will offer to change your tire but we also have some rural roads that could leave you stranded for a while. Offer to feed a friend if they'll teach you how to change one of your car's tires and then practice it. It is also recommended you keep a flat board (a sturdy piece of 3/4-inch-thick plywood) in the car to place under the jack. If the jack isn’t secure, the vehicle can slip off the jack. About 70 people are killed every year when a vehicle falls off a jack.”


Yep, your car should have one of these but do you know where it is located? Do you know how to get it out of the car? Is it in working order? Oh, and for better gas mileage some car makers don't include one! Check it out and practice!  

7. Tire Pressure Gauge

It doesn't cost too much and doesn't take up too much room but is ever so handy. A tire gauge takes a little getting used to so again practice when you are not in a hurry and stressed out! 

8. Long Lasting Food Item

Who knows how much road rage could be avoided if we never drove hungry?!? Seriously, hungry and waiting for a tow is not fun. A simple snack on hand can make all the difference! Trail mix could be a lifesaver.

9. Window Punch and Seatbelt Cutter 

Quite possibly the scariest thing you may need as this is usually used in a seriously intense moment. This tool can help you if you crash into water and your seat-belt mechanism isn't working. It can cut you out and safe your life. The hammer part is used to break your cars window, in case the car is submerged that may be your only way out. 

10. Fire Extinguisher 

Again an item needed for an intense situation. It is recommended you get a small fire extinguisher that will work on flammable fluids such as gasoline and oil as well as electrical fires. Of course first getting everyone safely away from a burning car is most important.

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