Treats Pregnant Moms Should and Shouldn't Eat


As if pregnancy didn't come with enough no-nos we can add one more. Moms-to-be now need to say no to black licorice. According to a recent study, from Finland, kids born to mothers who ate a lot of licorice while they were pregnant with them scored lower on IQ tests. They also were found to have poorer memory skills and a higher chance of being ADHD. For girls tests also showed that they tended to start puberty earlier than normal. 

All sweet treats are not off the table! (Unless of course you have gestational diabetes, like I did). Check with your doctor on this first, and it may not be useful until after the big birthday, but one but according to a article, "Oats contain saponins, which along with many other benefits, are thought to increase the milk making hormones lactating moms produce." The article goes on to mention the importance of bowls of oatmeal and even suggests Ben and Jerry's Oat of This Swirled ice cream could also help! Yummy :)

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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