Stepping Away Slowly from the Foods that Harm

According to nutritionist and trainers (Women's Health) to really lose weight and get fit we can start by simply ditching certain foods or drinks and of course EXERCISE! But the amount we want to challenge ourselves, diet wise, can vary.

Number one and really the easiest once you get past the initial shock and sadness is:

Forget sugary drinks, especially sodas. --Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches so try green tea. Yes, it is a bit bland but you can find flavored versions. What’s more, it has health benefits! Or be really hard core and ride out the headaches while only drinking water…  

Next, we’re supposed to cut out:

Sugary cereals—This one hurt me. I love cereal but they really have too much sugar and starting our days with sweets rather than protein is really not good. It causes spikes in blood sugar that leave drops in energy levels throughout the day.


Processed foods—Let’s face it, processed food is so much easier to deal with…however with a little planning they could be avoided. I haven’t succeed yet but I am limiting them to only a few days a week.

If your issue isn’t sugar:

Trans fats—Not everyone has a problem giving up sugar. (I think I was that person for a month in my 20’s.) So why are they not at their healthiest? Hmmm, A LOT of salty foods and some sugary foods are soaked in Trans Fat. Check your labels and treat this one like a processed food item=if you can’t quit it completely at least limit it.

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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