Depressed but Smiling is Real!

How people who appear the happiest could be the most dangerously depressed: Experts caution there is such a thing as 'smiling depression' the technical term for this common condition is 'atypical depression'. It’s were some people mask their low-mood, irritability, and loss of pleasure in activities with a smiling façade. It is tough to diagnose and treat this version of depression as the person with it can mask their depression getting bad enough that they are contemplating suicide or they could be “putting on a happy face” that actually results in a lift to their mood. Other symptoms of this condition include overeating, feeling a sense of heaviness in the arms and legs and being easily hurt by criticism or rejection. People with smiling depression are also more likely to feel depressed in the evening and tend to sleep longer than usual. 

Trevor Noah has admitted, like me, that he has atypical depression. I believe I am like this because I am trying desperately to will myself into a better mood or I would rather not discuss it with anyone else. I am open about this because, fortunately, I am not so depressed that I can't see a brighter future. (It is thanks to a regular exercise routine and a very careful diet.) I am also sharing this because I want anyone else in this position to know you are not alone.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255


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