Here Are The Top 10 Food Trends That Will Blow Up In 2019

To expand our culinary horizons after the ball drops to ring in the New Year, here are the Top 10 Food Trends of 2019, as revealed as Babbletop!

1. The Japanese Fried Pork Cutlets: 

To prepare pork Katsu at home, you'll need boneless pork chops, salt, and pepper, an egg, Panko breadcrumbs, flour and oil for frying. You'll find that whipping up these tasty pork cutlets isn't too complicated.

2. Taiwanese Fare Is Taking Over: Residents and tourists in big "foodie" destinations, such as L.A. and the Big Apple, have been trying out less famous dishes with Taiwanese origins.

3. Food From The "Stans" Is Gaining Popularity: When people immigrate from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and the other countries known as the "Stans”. "Stans" cuisine is all about Eurasian flavors.

4. Chinese Hot Pot Eateries Will Be Jam-Packed:  If you're craving Chinese food in 2019, go for Szechuan Chinese food. Find a hot pot eatery that's authentically Szechuan Chinese and then partake of a steaming communal hot pot with your friends.

5. Personalized Foods Will Be On The Menu:  In 2019, more and more people are going to send in blood tests and DNA swab tests which will allow them to receive customized diet plans that are based on their own blood test results and DNA information.

We Will Want More Protein In 2019: This won't be just in quantity; but quality  Consumers are going to be looking for improved choice protein sources.

Look For Inventive Flavors With A Global Vibe: And it won't be necessarily hot and/or spicy. In 2019. Menu items that incorporate more than one global style are going to be in demand.

Food Brands With Gen Z Values Will Be Prized: Gen Z'ers generally want non-GMO brands. They're more likely to buy organic and they appreciate independent companies that produce food in eco-conscious ways.

Veggie Cuisine Will Be More Popular Than Ever:  Whether you're a vegetarian or just enjoy the odd Meatless Monday, you should know that vegetarian cuisine will be trending in 2019.

Spring Pancakes aka Chinese Crepes: Spring pancakes from Northern China are easy to eat. They're street food. They're also becoming very popular in other countries. They are more like crepes and contain egg fillings and savory and sweet sauces. One restaurant that is ahead of the curve is Montreal Chinese Crepes and Dumplings. 

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