PRANKSGIVING Gone Viral: How To Microwave A Turkey. MOM?

Message to Parents--Heads up! Pranking from your offspring might be headed your way, so let's give you an idea of what to look for.  This little trick is making the rounds in social media this year, so be advised! 

(Message to Kids)- Nice try. 

Here's a couple of sample of recent text exchanges. 

OLDER KID TO MOM: How long do you microwave a 25 pound turkey for?  I'm having a Friendsgiving with people from work...

MOM: OK Blondie. You're scaring me. You would never microwave a turkey!! Where did I go wrong? :0

Another texted: 

KID: Hey, how long does it take to microwave a 25 pound turkey?

MOM: Why are you drunk texting me at midnight?

WATCH how everything is trending-and perhaps unfriending!  

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