Cleveland Finds LSU Critter For their 1st Win In TWO YEARS!


Apparently LSU's famous #RallyPossum got tired of the near-record September heat in Baton Rouge. He must have thought his services were really needed somewhere else, so he headed north to help out ANOTHER team who needed a big come-from-behind-win. THIS need for furry assistance was even greater for the Cleveland Browns than it was for the LSU Baseball Tigers in 2016.  For Paul Mainieri's team, they were battling for placement in the NCAA tournament. For Cleveland, it was for a more desperate situation. A winning drought of nearly two years was placing the Browns on the fast track to break an NFL losing streak record that dates back to 1970. That all changed on Thursday Night Football. LSU Tiger fans know from experience--when this guy shows up, good things happen. 

With less than 2 minutes until halftime, the Browns were already down 14-0 to the New York Jets. Rookie QB Baker Mayfield was inserted into the game after an injury to starter Tyrod Taylor. The story that unfolded after THAT was nothing short of miraculous. Mayfield is awesomely good, but it took a little something extra to stop the Cleveland Browns from playing dead again after the Saints game Sunday. The Rally Possum made his presence known in a big way, as Cleveland prevailed over the Jets 21-17. The only difference THIS time in this possum pursuit was the wisdom of a Browns fan, who was smart enough to place a little bit of marsupial magic in a box. After all, they might want to keep him around for their NEXT game. There is very little chance that Cleveland would ever change their famous Browns fan area from the "Dawg Pound" to the "Possum Perch." But if this keeps up, who knows?

-Scotty Mac



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