Job Interview: Best Ways To Answer "What Makes You Angry"


This one question about anger in the workplace may throw you off a bit; wondering WHAT to say...Here are some ideas that make sense: 

The Best Answers

  • I try to look at every situation from an analytical perspective, and not let my emotions dictate my actions. I have had employees in the past whose professionalism has been questionable, and who have not met the requirements of the job. In those situations, I have found that the best policy is to be honest about the issues in question, and offer clear strategies for improvement.
  • I don’t think anger is an appropriate workplace emotion. I have dealt with situations that I found frustrating; for example, I had a coworker who was very confrontational in her written and oral communication. I felt like I was constantly being criticized for things beyond my control. I sat down with her and talked about ways that we could improve our communication. After having that calm, productive conversation, our relationship as co-workers improved greatly, and we actually became collaborators on a number of successful projects.
  • Anger to me means loss of control. I do not lose control. When I get stressed, I step back, take a deep breath, thoughtfully think through the situation and then begin to formulate a plan of action. For instance, when I am given multiple projects to complete in a short amount of time, rather than feeling frustrated, I come up with a strategy for how to complete the work in a steady, methodical manner that will not overwhelm me.

Pick one, or use your own combination! - Scotty

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