Can You Actually TEXT Your Way To More Dates?


It's the kind of world we live in. May as well take advantage. Here are some cool ideas to getting that real date! 

  • Give your partner something to respond to.  Instead of typing “How was your weekend?” try asking a question that elicits a more thorough response, such as “Did you have a relaxing weekend?”  It’s more specific, and that it is a little easier for that ”target”  person to respond without having to think too much about it. AND if you’re the recipient, give your texter something to mull over by offering some content along the lines of: “Yes, it felt so wonderful to spend a quiet morning on my patio drinking coffee and brainstorming about where I’d like to travel this summer. So far, Lake Tahoe is on the top of my list.”
  • Ask questions back.  It’s how you keep any conversation going. In the real world, if someone asked you about your favorite childhood vacation, you wouldn’t mumble “the time my family camped in Yosemite when I was 10” and head for the snack table. You’d probably add, “What was yours?” Also, it’s a good bet that if someone asks you your favorite anything, they’re dying to tell you about theirs. So give them a chance.
  • Don’t forget to send photos or videos.  AWESOME idea. Dating is basically an audition to see if someone wants to spend more of theirs with us. Show them how awesome your existence is.  I For example, if you’re at a fancy wedding, send a pic of your killer dress or your dapper bow tie. Attach a photo of that amazing sunset or that gigantic quesadilla you just ordered.
  • Sign off the discussion.  Don’t let the other person have the last words. If you have something else going on at that moment, tell them you need to leave for a bit. But make sure you tell them that you want to check in a little later (if it’s OK). 

  • Don’t wait too long to return texts.  There’s a lot of awful advice out there about how much time should pass before you respond to texts. Of course, you don’t want to hover over your phone and respond to every ping within five seconds. But don’t wait too long, either. Give that someone the courtesy of a response.
  • Cut the boring texter some slack.  You might cringe when you get the text “How was your day?” Take the initiative to liven up the exchange. Not everyone is a natural texter. But most people are trying their best and making a legitimate effort. And they probably really do want to know about your day.
  • Don’t be scared to move the conversation off texting.  At a certain point, it can be overwhelming answering so many texts, especially if you’re involved in several exchanges a day. Your recipient might need a hint that you’re ready to move the convo to the next level.  iit’s perfectly reasonable to reply: “Would love to tell you more (about whatever) over a drink.”

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