Did Katy Perry Meet The Pope For A Cause? Or Forgiveness?

posted by CMS 

On Saturday, Katy Perry met His Holiness, Pope Francis. She brought along her lover, Orlando Bloom. People magazine confirmed the couple is "dating exclusively again and things seem more serious."

Katy claimed on Instagram that she traveled to Vatican City for the Unite to Cure conference. It's an international meeting focused on treating cancer. Katy, who is no scientist, spoke there about the healing qualities of meditation.

However, Katy may have had an ulterior motive in meeting His Holiness. Pope Francis the final word on the sale of a 14 million dollar convent in Los Angeles. Katy’s been in legal battles to purchase the property.

In addition, Katy needed to seek forgiveness. A former tenant of that convent, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, died suddenly in March. The stress of fighting Katy was too much. The Sister’s heart simply gave out. She collapsed in the court room and never recovered.

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