Tom Hanks Is In BR & He Has Advice For A Lasting Marriage


There have been several Tom Hanks sightings around Baton Rouge these days, as the veteran actor is in town filming the World War II film Greyhound. Wherever Tom goes, his actress wife Rita Wilson is usually not far behind. It’s easy to be one of the most photographed celebrity couples when you spend so much time together.  Finding lasting love in Hollywood seems almost impossible. But Tom Hanks has been married to his wife Rita for 29 years!


Tom told Entertainment Tonight the secret to his long term marriage: "We just like each other. You start there."  He says, "you want to look forward to seeing your spouse's face at the end of each day. To be able to laugh together, work together, and grow together."

It seems so easy.  Here’s to 29 more years to this amazing – and inspiring - couple.



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