1 bag frozen hash browns
1 lb. roll Jimmy Dean sausage (regular)
Shredded cheese (2 cups or so)
Diced onions
12 eggs
½ cup milk

Spray the inside of a Large slow cooker with cooking spray (this recipe will not work in a small regular sized cooker). Brown, crumble and drain the sausage…..set aside. Layer ½ of the hash browns in the bottom of slow cooker.  Then sprinkle onions & half the sausage.  Top that with ½ the shredded cheese.  Repeat with another layer of hash browns, onions,  sausage & cheese.  Whisk together the eggs, add salt, pepper and whatever you normally season scrambled eggs with.  Add the milk to eggs, whisk. Pour the egg mixture evenly on the sausage/hash brown mixture (You CAN sprinkle a little more cheese on top).  Cover,  and cook on low for 8 hours  (or High for 4 hours).

…your house will smell Breakfasty.

** Murphy and I both feel it could use a little more bite.   Maybe use hot sausage, or pepper jack cheese….OR, serve with salsa.  You could also add green and red peppers along with the onions.