Apparently, there's a BIG difference in "Baby" as opposed to "Babe." Well, at least according to this list compiled by the readers of The Daily Mail. "Baby" is only the 17th most hated nickname chosen by women, as opposed to "babe" which was numero uno.  Before I go on,you should know that this a BRITISH list. Just check out #17.  Treacle.  I said, "huh?" You probably already knew that this was referring to a golden syrup that is a mild mixture of molasses and/or cornsyrup, etc. But my education in the kitchen has limits!  OK, radio campers, here we go.

1. Babe

2. Sweet cheeks

3. Snookums

4. Baby doll

5. Baby girl

6. Hot Sauce

7. Ducky

8. Baby cakes

9. Sexy pants

10. Pudding

11. Muffin

12. Angel pie

13. Pumpkin

14. Puppy

15. Sugar lips

16. Hottie

17. Baby

18. Pickle

19. Honeybun

20. Sugar pie

When it comes to referring to appearance, there ARE some names that are acceptable.  Words like "gorgeous,"" beautiful" and "lovely" were considered OK. The research also revealed that only one in five of those surveyed calls their partner by their full name the majority of the time.  That would be ex'es ... or soon to be.  

So ladies, what is a nickname you absolutely HATE? Give your comments!