When I met my radio idol during an after party during a a radio convention in 1992, this young DJ just had to meet him. Even though, I was EXTREMELY nervous, I went up to shake his hand. He could tell I had some butterflies, so he turned away from the big radio brass standing with him and focused his attention on me alone. When he talked to me with that famous calming voice, his eyes never left mine. I felt like the most important person in the room. I felt important. And honored.

I told this on –air legend how much he inspired me to pursue a radio career. Then at the end, I asked him for some advice. “Scotty, the secret of this business is three-fold: First, love what you do. Second, take real interest in your audience-one person at a time. Finally, understand how emotional radio is. Knowing that, and communicating on that level, you will find success in connecting. Once you do that, you get it.”

Casey Kasem took 17 seconds to reach me with his words that were PACKED with meaning. Just like he did on the radio. It was one single encounter that radically changed my thinking; one for which I will be eternally grateful.

Now that’s he’s gone, I have a long distance dedication: “Dear Casey, Thanks.”