#1 – Don't compare yourself with your peers. Remember you are not in competition with the most popular kid in school, or your best friend. Comparing yourself to everyone else will only drive you crazy. You design your life the way you want it based on your hopes and dreams. Blaze your own trail, and make it come true.



#2 – You don't have to have the rest of your life figured out. Not every decision you make is going to determine what path your life takes. Part of the fun of living is the learning process you go through along the way. Don't stress so much!



#3 – You are talented. Don’t act so surprised when you discover it! Everyone is good at something, and we each have our own unique strengths. When you find out what those are, focus on those skills, and build them into something special.



#4 – Learn to love what you were given. Who hasn’t felt like those around them are taller, better dressed, or more attractive? There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to beauty. Realize that what you’ve got is beautiful, too… and makes you totally unique.



#5 – Learn from your relationships when you're young. Have fun being young and in love, but remember - you're at an age where you're beginning to learn about yourself, and what it's like to love someone. Things change, and if they don't work out, love will knock on your door again - and it'll be even better the second time around.


CREDIT: The Huffington Post