I found this at "Back To School Night" at Shenandoah Elementary as I was passing down the hall. AWESOME! 

I think we ALL need to be reminded. Even if we don't have a first-grader! 


A Brief Message From Ms. Johnson’s First-Graders.

You are now entering the world of the six and seven-year old.

If our chairs are too small for you, remember that they fit us just fine.

If you must walk around our games, remember it is through this kind of manipulation that we learn.

If we are noisy, it is because we are learning to live with each other.

If we seem to be talking too much, remember that is the way we learn our language.

Don’t be surprised if we come up to you, as we are open, friendly, curious, and we want to know you as our friend.

ENJOY our world, and when you leave, we hope you carry with you some our enthusiasm for life and learning.